Tip of the Day – 5/24/2013


Want to clean off aquarium equipment but don’t have time to scrub built up coralline algae and other crud? Well, there are common substances you probably already have laying around the kitchen or garage that can help. Vinegar, muriatic acid, and other slightly acidic substancs all work great at dissolving unwanted gunk and grime off of aquarium equipment. Vinegar is the most popular choice, as it is more readily available and can be purchased for cheap at your local grocery store. Simply place the aquarium equipment into a bucket, add in some RO/DI water (or really any freshwater will do), then add in some vinegar. The more vinegar you add, obviously the more acidic the solution will be. Which means be careful and make sure it won’t damange O-rings and other materials. Scrub lightly after soaking and rinse with freshwater until the vinegar smell is no longer detectable. Then the equipment is ready to use.


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