Tip of the Day – 5/8/2013


Moving an aquarium is tough. Besides being a physically demanding ordeal, the entire process is very stressful on your aquarium livestock. And to make matters worse, sometimes the moving process can stir up some nasty stuff in the aquarium that could kill any animal you try to put into the tank. Because of this, putting the livestock in a separate container, like a bucket for example, is a must. But it might take a few days for the aquarium to clear up and become inhabitable after the big move. So, the fish and corals have to stay in the bucket, as it’s the cleanest place for them, though it won’t stay that way for long. Ammonia will build up very quickly in the bucket, or any other container, so it’s important to remove it in any way possible. You can do small water changes on the container, or you could run a carbon filled media reactor. Just be sure to monitor the health of the fish and corals, checking ammonia and pH levels continually.


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