AVAST Marine Works Scales Down Their Top-Down Porthole for Smartphones


AVAST Marine Works Smartphone Top-Down Porthole

Our society is becoming increasingly dependent on smartphones, and aquarium hobbyists are so entrenched in the devices that aquarium equipment companies are building specifically with smartphones in mind. Various aquarium controllers, for example, have become fully accessible via web capable phones, and now our mobile photography is getting a boost with the release of the new AVAST Marine Works Smartphone Top-Down Porthole. This little brother to the other AVAST built Portholes for digital SLR cameras will fit just about any smartphone, using an adjustable strap to secure the phone in place. After attaching your phone, just put the Porthole in the water and start snapping away. The tall sides will keep water off of your camera and you won’t even have to turn the pumps off.

The AVAST Smartphone Porthole is simple in its design. The white plate blocks out any glare from the aquarium’s lights, and the black knob allows hobbyists to hold the device with one hand while still being able to fidget with the phone with the other. The felt lined strap make sure your phone doesn’t fall into the aquarium, allowing the hobbyist to adjust phone camera settings, focus on specific objects, and snap the photo with ease. The acrylic Smartphone Porthole runs $59.99 and is currently available to purchase from the AVAST Marine Works website.

This Porthole, like all top-down boxes, allows hobbyists to take the best pictures of their aquatic livestock possible. Corals look better when viewed from above because of the way zooxanthellae reflect light, but things like glare and surface ripples usually ruin good shots. While most top-down boxes are geared toward larger cameras, we’re very happy to see mobile photography getting some much needed love.

AVAST Marine Smartphone Porthole


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