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CoralVue, a distributor for popular aquarium products like Reef Octopus and Maxspect, is adding another brand to the ranks with the recent announcement that they will become the new North American distributor for Elos Aquarium products. Despite just gaining sole distributorship of the fine Italian products, they aren’t strangers to Elos by any meass. In fact, CoralVue started carrying the Elos line almost two years ago, but still had to compete with Elos USA and Proline Aquatics. Obviously that has all changed, and the announcement was just revealing enough for us to know that something went wrong behind the scenes. While we do not know the specifics, it was made very clear that Elos USA would no longer be involved and all open orders with them would become null and void.

In the official email announcement that was sent out on Friday, CoralVue stated that one of their goals was to replenish Elos products to current customers and kindle any lost ones if possible. Though vague, it’s still pretty telling. We cautiously assume Elos USA dropped the ball in a significant way, allowing CoralVue to step in and prove themselves worthy of the task of being numero uno. We might be looking a bit too far into that statement, as the reasons could be far different, but CoralVue was there when Fin’s Reef fumbled the Maxspect product line and look what happened.

Besides that little hint at distribution issues, the announcement also states that CoralVue took over as of June 1st and that consumable products (test kits and foods) will be available sometime this week.

From CoralVue:

We are proud to announce that as of June 1st CoralVue will become the new North American distributor for Elos Aquarium products. As the new Elos product distributor we will continue to provide the fine Italian line of aquarium products available to the North American aquarist. Our first goal is to replenish the Elos product to current Elos customers and kindle any lost ones if possible. Consumable products like aqua test kits and foods will be available as early as next week.

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding this arrangement, an Elos product or where to purchase please do not hesitate to contact CoralVue at the following phone numbers or email addresses.


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