Ocean Corals Shows Off Giant “King” Turbo Snail


Ocean Corals Giant Turbo Snail

Anyone who has been around the hobby long enough knows that marine snails, specifically turbo snails, can get pretty big. Mexican turbo snails are typically the largest we see, with certain individuals growing to be just a tad smaller than a baseball. But a recent import of ultra large Trochus snails (Trochus niloticus) by UK based Ocean Corals has us rethinking just how big and beefy marine snails can get. They recently shared images of what they’re calling King Turbo Snails on their Facebook page, which show these mega Trochus snails to be near 4-5″ in diameter and several inches tall. These snails are almost too large to fit in your hand!

The going rate for these ginormous snails is £30 each, or just a shade under $50 at current exchange rates. A total of four were imported, but two have been sold as of yesterday.

As far as information about this species goes, Gerald Heslinga of Indo-Pacific Sea Farms has a viewable paper on them HERE.


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