Tip of the Day – 6/11/2013


In this day and age, when our lives become so busy with work and family, it’s easy to just walk by our aquariums and not even run the algae scraper magnet across the glass. We won’t even mention the routine maintenance that get’s totally left behind, but even when you avoid doing even the simple things, the side effects can become significant over time. Sure, your tank might be able to get by with monthly water changes, but just scraping the glass can make a world of difference in the tank’s look. Over time, algae and other organisms can accumulate on the glass, giving the tank a really dirty look. This accumulation can occur over several days or even over night, and if you don’t scrape the glass occasionally, the buildup can become so thick that scraping no longer works efficiently. Coralline algae, for example, is easy to tackle in the early stages of growth. But let an entire side of the aquarium become covered in a thick, purple mass, and that simple task you’ve been avoiding all this time will blossom into borderline manual labor. Point of the story, don’t give up on simple tasks as ignoring them might lead to far more work.


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