Tip of the Day – 6/17/2013


If you’ve ever had a fish, coral or invertebrate die in your aquarium, don’t just dispose of it. Instead, preserve the body, if possible, as it could be a valuable tool in discovering why it happened, as well as if it could happen again. In addition to being a great, but unfortunate troubleshooting tool, the shells of Tridacnid clams, for example, can become good visual aids when discussing things with fellow hobbyists or curious children. Lastly, coral skeletons can be used in a variety of meaningful ways. They can be used in decoration or even crushed up and put into calcium reactors. The main goal to all of this is simple, don’t waste what you can use in another way. For fish, obviously this is harder to do. But clams, snails, hermit crabs, corals, and even starfish can be preserved and used for a variety of other things later on down the road.


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