Tip of the Day – 6/18/2013


Any piece of aquarium equipment that sits on the tank’s rim is prone to be a source of salt creep and other water related issues. The legs of light fixtures, power cords of water pumps, and any plastic bracketry for example, catch saltwater and often send it, and any salt remnants, right over the edge. This issue is especially compounded for rimless aquaria, as well as setups using wave makers, or just those with a high water level. To remedy the almost siphon-like water movement, you can turn down the water flow or simply redirect it away from certain edges and corners. You could also ditch the mounting legs of light fixtures, choosing to suspend them over the tank instead. Power cords can also be lifted up off the tank’s rim. Some items will always touch the aquarium’s rim, and when this happens you just have to cope with the salt creep and excess water.


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