Tip of the Day – 6/23/2013


The garage is one of the best places to house aquarium gear, especially RO/DI units, water mixing containers, and entire sumps and refugia. But it’s not always easy to place the aquarium in the garage and cut a giant hole in the wall so you can see it. Because of this, some hobbyists mix the best of both worlds. They put the tank inside of the house, but drill small holes in the wall to run the tank’s plumbing into the garage where the sump and other equipment lie. This allows for all of the messy, stinky gear to stay out of site while friends and family can gaze on a sleek, clutter free aquarium. If you go this route, besides needing the ideal floorplan in your home, make sure to seal up all holes you drill so that you don’t waste cool air or heat into the garage, and no wandering bugs or other pests can find their way inside.


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