Tip of the Day – 6/24/2013


Salt is one of those vitally essential products for a marine aquarium, and it is often sold in 5-gallon buckets or even larger sometimes. For the most part, buckets are really convenient. They stack easily, keep salt dry and clump-free, and when they are all used up, they make great containers for mixing water or just storing extra aquarium stuff. One aspect of salt buckets that’s often overlooked is just how dangerous they can be. For starters, a bucket full of salt is heavy. When you’re lugging one around and the handle breaks, it could mean a great deal of pain for your foot. Buckets can also be deadly, believe it or not. Because they are of a certain height, they present a huge hazard for toddlers. If you leave any water in the bucket, a small child can fall into a bucket and drown. While these dangerous occurrences are rare, they can happen, so be careful.


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