Picture of the Week, Green Bubble Coral


Bubble Coral at Moody Gardens

With this week’s AquaNerd POTW, we’re shifting back to the coral reefs at Moody Gardens to take a look at this pinkish green Bubble Coral. There’s nothing particularly noteworthy about the bubble coral that isn’t found in other Euphyllids, but that won’t stop us from chatting about this piece. Like most LPS corals, the bubble coral has a great deal of flesh that overlays a thick, calcium skeleton. During the day, the coral has puffed up bubble like tentacles that sway back and forth in the current. At night, a whole new beast comes around. The coral opens up at the hint of food, and it’s not unusual for it to send out sweeper tentacles to capture any food drift close enough. These tentacles can sting nearby corals, making its placement in the aquarium crucial so that everyone gets along.


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