Picture of the Week, Pink and Green Frogspawn


Pink and Green Frogspawn

For this week’s AquaNerd Picture of the Week, we’re revisiting the corals in our friend Daniel Leija’s aquarium. We’ve already looked at some of his amazing chalices, but now we turn to a far more common, yet none less appealing pink and green frogspawn coral. This coral is almost a staple in most reefs, as it has been passed around from hobbyist to hobbyist for many, many years. The coral grows well in most setups, and keeps that sharp green look under all types of lighting from metal halides to LEDs. That said, it really pops under blue lighting, fluorescing that brilliant green that is sharply contrasted by the purple, almost grey tips. The name of the coral is derived from the shape of these tips, as they look almost like a bundle of frog eggs.


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