Picture of the Week, Neon Pink Chalice


Neon Pink Chalice

Aquarium crazes come and go, and certain corals fall out of favor faster than a bad hairstyle. But then there are those that seem to stick around for long periods of time, fluctuating only a little bit (if any) during their time in the spotlight. One such coral is the chalice, which may not be at the height of its craze at this point, but is still a highly desireable coral, especially when they look like this.

Pictured above is a glowing, neon pink chalice that we photographed almost three years ago. Even after all of these years, it’s still a beautiful piece with high demand and high value. Sure, it may not go for hundreds of dollars per eye, but a colony like this can certainly command some big bucks. This particular coloration isn’t all that rare, compared to some of the really high end chalices, but it’s sure to add a much needed touch of pink to any reef tank.


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