Picture of the Week, Yellow Eyed Blue Zoas Under LED


Yellow Centered Blue Zoas

This week’s AquaNerd Pic of the Week comes to us once again from the aquarium of Daniel Leija, whose tank was the subject of yet another AquaNerd Product Review. We test drove the Maxspect Razor LED fixture over his setup, and the corals seemed to live it. The subject of this particular post is a group of Zoanthids that were all packed in right together, exhibiting one if their many different looks.

When Zoas, and lots of other corals for that matter, are exposed to different kinds of light, their bodies and growth forms react differently. Under more intense light, corals will either stay low or sort of thin out to minimize the area of their tissue that’s exposed to the light. Under low intensity lighting, corals will puff up and reach, trying to soak up every photon available. In the case for this zoa, it is sort of reaching due to the fact that it was on the outer edge of the light fixture’s reach.


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