Royal Exclusiv Announces Dreambox Biopellet Filters and Conversion Kits


Dreambox Biopellet Filter

Royal Exclusiv, a high-end aquarium equipment manufacturer based in Germany, is bolstering their lineup of Dreambox media filters with two key additions. The first is a series of biopellet friendly reactors and the second is a conversion kit to turn existing Dreambox media reactors into the biopellet tumbling filters. With biopellets becoming a virtual staple in the marine aquarium hobby, regardless of whether or not people consider them to be snake oil, it’s no surprise that Royal Exclusiv has made this adjustment to their current offering.

All in all, a total of six Dreambox Pellet Filters have been added to the line, with each one mirroring their non-pellet counterparts in dimensions. They only differ from the original Dreambox reactors by the addition of a PVC wedge and an elbow to the outlet pipe located on the inside bottom of the reactor. The wedge helps keep the pellets on the periphery of the water flow, while the elbow directs the flow to spin within the reactor. Both of these features add to the tumbling action of the pellets.

Dreambox Biopellet Filter Conversion

The price range for the new pellet reactors ranges from 199 to 301 euros, while the conversion kits come in at 22 to 46 euros. All of the items can be found on the Royal Exclusiv website under the Dreambox media filter section.


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