Tip of the Day – 8/20/2013


Drilling aquariums can be a very stressful ordeal. Besides running the risk of breakig the tank, you also have to worry about cutting yourself, drilling clean holes, and making sure that the holes are exactly where they need to be. But there’s a common automotive product that makes the entire process a breeze. Antifreeze, of all things, acts as a great lubricant for the diamond tipped drill bit, which keeps the bit cool and allows for a fairly clean cut. This is, of course, assuming you apply even and steady pressure while drilling. Just be sure to use a plastic reservoir to keep the antifreeze in place, and definitely clean the tank thoroughly after the job is complete. Some people mistakenly use water as a drill bit coolant, but it actually doesn’t work near as well as antifreeze.

Credit goes to Ben Johnson of Captive Aquatic Ecosystems, LLC for providing inspiration for today’s AquaNerd Tip of the Day.


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