Tip of the Day – 8/29/2013


When preparing for your travels, say to an aquarium conference like MACNA, it’s a good idea to set your tank up for success by topping off water, performing water changes, or doing whatever else it needs. Unfortunately, with all of the hustle and bustle of packing and making arrangements for other pets, it’s easy to put your aquarium right in the crosshairs of a disaster. Case in point, I had topped off one of my aquariums at home, but instead of turning off the water as soon as I was done, I put it off only to be distracted so much so that I forgot to turn off the water. After about two hours of being in Florida from MACNA, thousands of miles away from home, it dawned on me that the water was probably left on. Fortunately, a family member was able to swing by the house and correct the mistake, and as it turns out, the reef gods were smiling upon me that day as the tubing for the RO/DI filter were going into a bucket well away from the tank. Had the freshwater overfilled the tank, then obviously the results would be one quick drop in salinity and one potentially bad situation for any of your marine oramentals.


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