Tip of the Day – 8/7/2013


On the hunt for a new protein skimmer because yours just doesn’t cut it anymore? Well, maybe there are a few things you can do to your current skimmer to make it like new. Beside a thorough vinegar soak, you could replace the impeller, pump, any tubing and valves that could be worn down and falling apart. Skimmer pump impellers are the first place we’d look, as those wear down quite quickly and shafts can bend and break easily. If that doesn’t work, we’d replace any tubing and air silencers, since those can become clogged and restrict air flow. If none of those work, replacing a pump might just do the trick. If you can find a direct replacement, all the better. But if one isn’t available, try going for a similar pump from a different manufacturer. It may require some modifications, but may work. If all else fails, a skimmer replacement may be in order.


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