Aqua Medic Coral Holders are Perfect for Displaying All Sorts of Corals


Aqua Medic Coral Holder

One of the coolest, simplest, and most inexpensive products we saw at MACNA was the Coral Holder from Aqua Medic. This straightforward device does exactly as its namesake suggests, holds corals, but it’s not your typical frag rack or ugly piece of PVC. Instead, it is a clean looking holder that can be adjusted to accomodate corals of various shapes and sizes. The Coral Holder isn’t new to the industry by any means, it isn’t exactly a device that you would find in the typical home aquarium. This is mostly due to the fact that hobbyists don’t display corals like retail and wholesale facilities do. That said, the holder could be a great tool for those hobbyists looking to keep bulky Euphylids or top-heavy Caulastrea colonies from toppling over, espeically in a frag tank.

The Coral Holder opens and closes along a pair of long pegs on one side that fit into a slots on the opposite side. The two halves can be pulled completely apart from each other if need be, and pushed together to tighten around  a particular coral. Each holder measures a few inches across, and they are sufficiently heavy to keep from falling over or get blown away in a strong current.

A 10-pack of these holders can be purchased for $49.99, and given their numerous uses, we find that price to be quite fair. Note that this is a fairly significant price drop from their previous retail price of $11.99 per holder. We realize it might be hard to imagine corals in these holders, so the Aqua Medic crew will be sending us pictures of these in action, so stay tuned for those.

Aqua Medic Coral Holder Open

Aqua Medic Coral Holder Detail


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