Aquarium Specialty Secures Distributorship for Triton Aquatics


Triton Aquatics Bluefin BP600 Reactor

MACNA is a great place to network and market yourself, no matter what aspect of the hobby you find yourself in. We got plenty of face time with vendors and hobbyist alike, and apparently the guys at Aquarium Specialty did too. Announced recently on their blog, their trip to MACNA was quite productive as they secured the distributorship for Triton Aquatics. After the owners of each company got together to play with some Triton products and the NP Biopellets and PO4x4, both exclusive to Aquarium Specialty, they agreed that the partnership would be perfect. Triton’s media reactors, primarily the Bluefin models, worked so well with both of the media products that a partnership was forged.

So what’s so special about the Triton Aquatics products that prompts a blog post by both Aquarium Specialty and us, the AquaNerd Blog? Well, we appreciate originality, and the Triton Aquatics Bluefin reactors are quite unique in their own right. Not to mention, it’s a great time for us to introduce the reactors, as we’ve never talked about them. The reactor uses no moving parts, and the patent pending Pelton baseplate allows the media to be fluidized with minimal flow rates. According to Triton Aquatics, the Pelton base plate doubles the flow rate of the water inside of the reactor. From a Maxi-Jet 1200 feed pump, Triton claims that their design can tumble 1,500 ml of biopellets. That’s significant turnover from a small pump.

The Bluefin reactors are offered in a ton of different sizes, with at least five different models making their way onto the Aquarium Specialty website. The prices range from around $90 to just slightly more than $300


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