Picture of the Week, Todd Gardner’s Short Bigeye (Pristigenys alta)


Todd Gardner's Short Bigeye (Pristigenys alta)

This week’s AquaNerd Picture of the Week is sort of dual purpose. Besides being a look at a beautiful fish, it’s also a little bit of a sneak preview for an upcoming article. Our focus today is on a short bigeye (Pristigenys alta), and it’s an interesting predatory fish collected by 2013 MASNA Aquarist of the Year, Todd Gardner. The fish is not a usual find in the aquarium hobby, but thanks to the efforts of Todd and the folks at ReefGen and Unique Corals, they might see quite a bit more action within the industry. The short bigeye is part of “Todd’s Long Island Tropical Strays”, a new program that has been developed out of all of the unusual warm water fish that make their way up to the coast of New York. And with Todd’s skills at breeding just about everything, it wouldn’t surprise us is these eventually become 100% captive bred offerings (assuming they aren’t already).


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