Picture of the Week, Ultra Bleeding Heart Scolymia


Ultra Bleeding Heart Scolymia

MACNA was full of thousands upon thousands of stunning corals, and it was really hard for us to pick a favorite. In fact, we can’t do it, just can’t. But that won’t stop us from loading up our Picture of the Week with random MACNA corals, the first of which is this amazing Scolymia from Global Oceanic Life (GOL). Their booth was full of jaw dropping corals, and not just tiny frags either, but huge colonies. This particular scoly caught our eye from across the room, inviting us with it its glowing bright red and green coloration. It really was an amazing piece, and we don’t think it was actually sold at the show as Global Oceanic Life packed up their stock a little early. Unfortunately, at least for hobbyists looking for some after MACNA deals, GOL is a wholesaler who doesn’t deal directly to the public, so it might be hard to find if it’s one of those pieces that caught your eyes as much as it did ours.


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