Prodibio Dose’n Drop Allows for Slow Dosing of Glass Ampoules


Prodibio Dose'n Drop

The Prodibio bacteria, bacteria feeding, and supplemental additives work, and they work really well from personal experience. That said, the act of dosing these products has always presented issues for aquarium keepers, and not just because they’re in glass ampoules. One of the biggest complaints with this dosing system was that it was pretty much all or nothing. Once you crack that vial open, the entire contents are dosed all at once. For aquarists using the smaller vials, there really wasn’t much of an issue with this, but users of the Pro sized ampoules wanted a more stable, long term dosing solution. In response to this, Prodibio has released their new Dose’n Drop dosing system, which is a very simple and affordable system for dosing the additives drop by drop over an extended period of time.

The Dose’n Drop only works for the Pro sized ampoules containing 10ml of product, and the smaller ampoules just won’t fit into the apparatus. Users are instructed to break the tip off of one end of the ampoule and insert the plastic fittings into the open end. A piece of flexible tubing terminates into the aquarium, with the drip rate being regulated by a pinch valve with a manually adjusted roller. The fitting exiting the ampoule has a side arm that allows air into the vial, breaking the vacuum and allowing for the liquid to flow freely.

Again, this product is simple and inexpensive, allowing for two ampoules to be dosed simultaneously. We see this setup being especially effective for BioDigest and Bioptim products, which are also the more popular additives in the entire lineup. Additionally, this setup might also encourage hobbyists with smaller tanks to use the larger ampoules since they can be dosed gradually over a long period of time.

The Dose’n Drop is available for immediate release, and we’ll be seeing them in operation on private aquariums in a matter of no time.


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