Seachem HydroTote is One Tough Water Container


Seachem HydroTote

When it comes to moving water around, old salt buckets and plastic water jugs have always been the go to containers. But they have always had a significant downside. Lids would fall off, water would splash all over everything, and you might even accidentally drop one on your foot and cause some significant damage. Fortunately, Seachem has a terrific and very durable plastic container that eliminates all of those issues and then some. Called the HydroTote, this 5-gallon soft plastic jug can take all the abuse in the world and not spill a single drop of water. In fact, Seachem reps were literally dropping a HydroTote full of water from various heights, sometimes going as high as six feet or more.

In each situation, we watched nervously as the HydroTote crashed to the ground. Normally, we’re not afraid of a little water. With a camera in hand, however, we have to be careful about every misplaced drop. Fortunately, the water container held up to the severe abuse, making it worth every penny in our opinion. Speaking of cost, the HydroTote has a retail price that hovers around the $10 mark. If you’re looking hard at that price, it’s not much more than a band new 5-gallon bucket, making it a no brainer. The only potential downside to the HydroTote is that it doesn’t have a flat bottom and cannot be easily stacked. This could present some issues, but those might only present a minor inconvenience at worst. When not in use, the HydroTote is collapsible for easy storage.

The Hydrotote isn’t a new product, by any means. Still, the bold display by the Seachem staffers means they have great faith in the product’s abilities, and it serves as a great example of a product that works exactly as advertised even in extreme situations.


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