Tip of the Day – 9/17/2013


Light fixtures are often suspended over our aquariums in a multitude of ways, with many of those being in the realm of DIY. Because of this, it can be quite dangerous for the tank below. If a mount fails, or a screw comes undone, the entire light can come crashing down into the aquarium. When this happens, the resulting damage can be physical harm to the corals or equipment that sit below directly the light, and in a worst case scenario, the light could be on during the fall and electrocute the tank inhabitants. Either way, the light fixture will probably be damaged beyond repair at minimum. To prevent this, secure the light fixture in accordance with its manufacturer, and if possible, put in fail safes that would potentially catch any falling light fixture. These failsafes could include string or chains as a safety line, and while they may not be the best looking option, they’ll keep your light from falling into the tank.


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