Tip of the Day – 9/19/2013


As an aquarium keeper, you often have to worry about friend and family tinkering with their tank. They want to feed your fish, see your clams react to movement, or just can’t stop putting their grimy fingers in the water. Unfortunately, it’s not just other people you have to worry about, but household pets too. Cats are notorious for jumping into fish tanks, as they just like to climb everything in the house. Of course, they freak out if they get wet, so it’s not like they intentionally jump in the water. Dogs, on the other had, might view your aquarium as a place to get a drink. They may try to sneak a sip of saltwater, but most likely, they will get into your top-off container for that thirst quenching freshwater. Other pets, like birds or lizards, could also find their way into your tank for whatever reason, though far less common. Regardless, don’t just people-proof your tank, also make sure it is pet-proof.


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