Tip of the Day – 9/2/2013


Here’s some no-brainer advice for all of you traveling aquarium nerds. Upon returning home from out of town, perhaps from an aquarium conference or just on a vacation, the first thing any aquarium keeper should do is a quick assessment of their tank. If all is good and your tank sitter didn’t mess anything up, then proceed to unpacking your luggage and get back into the groove of everyday living. But if there is a problem, it’s best to get right on it. With aquarium keeping, time is of the essence. Poor water conditions will only get worse, as will fish and coral health if nothing is solved quickly. Water changes are your best bet to fix a major issue, but sometimes far more drastic measures are involved. All of that said, don’t knee-jerk react to a situation and make the wrong move. Think about the issues and the logical ways to resolve them.


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