Tip of the Day – 9/24/2013


If you’ve got a plethora of corals that you’re looking to unload in a short period of time, avoid listing them all on your local forum and instead hit up your local fish stores. There is often a great deal of hassle involved in selling a large volume of corals on a forum, and fish stores are always looking for locally grown product. It’s cheaper for them and more convenient for you. Take pics of all the corals you are offering, or bring a fish store rep to your tank, and make them a package offer. Don’t let them pick and choose which corals they can take, as you’ll be left with items you probably couldn’t move. Chances are the store will jump on a good offering of corals, and you’ll quickly make a few bucks so that you can upgrade equipment or buy that ultra rare fish or coral that you’ve been eyeballing.


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