Maxspect to Offer Four Foot Long 300watt Razor Fixture


At MACNA, we spied a prototype 200watt Maxspect R420R “Razor” LED fixture flying high above the CoralVue booth. It was to be the largest fixture in the R420R lineup to date, and it sported a bevy of new features that would push the fixture to its highest levels of performance yet. Being a prototype, the fixture was subject to at least some minor changes at any point leading up to production, but this move by Maxspect is totally unexpected. They avoided making minor tweaks in favor of much larger ones, most notably the addition of two whole clusters of LEDs, which not only brought the total power up to 300watts but also extended the fixture by almost a foot.

There aren’t many details out on the new 300w R420R just yet, but what we do know is that the fixture will have the same LEDs, optics, and controller capabilities featured in all of the other Razor products. Additionally, it will be offered in 8000K, 10000K and 16000K color temperatures. The official length of this larger Razor is 43.5″, and it’s specific target tanks are those between 4 feet and 8 feet in length. Maxspect decided to up the length and number of LED clusters over the prototype in order to better accommodate longer tanks, feeling that the 200watt prototype just wasn’t cutting it.

The new 300watt Razor will be available late November with a retail price of $899.


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