Picture of the Week, Cirrhilabrus lineatus Wrasse


Cirrhilabrus linneatus Wrasse

Gracing our weekly AquaNerd POTW is the always beautiful Cirrhilabrus lineatus fairy wrasse, which we spotted a couple of weeks ago at FJW Aquarium in Houston. This particular wrasse isn’t the most colorful specimen we’ve come across, but it is still quite the looker. It also doesn’t help that all of the fish’s fins are retracted, and we all know how much of an impact those fins play. Male fairy and flasher wrasses have elaborate displays that are meant to entice females and assert dominance. In a tank full of wrasses, they’ll all be flashing to each other and creating stunning displays. This particular tank was quite large and didn’t have many wrasses, so there wasn’t much need for this lineatus wrasse to be flashing its style.


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