Picture of the Week, Orange-back Fairy Wrasse


Orange-back Fairy Wrasse

Pictured in this installment of the AquaNerd POTW is easily one my personal favorite fish, the orange-back fairy wrasse (Cirrhilabrus aurantidorsalis). This fish isn’t particularly rare, and although it is beautiful, it’s not a breathtaking sort of coloration. Still, these fish are hardy and have tons of personality, from our experience, making them an easy favorite. Many years ago, I had one of these in a mixed reef, and it was probably the single most entertaining fish I’ve had. It would eat from my hand and even let me pick it up. It would intentionally tease a Royal Gramma basslet, which was only entertaining because the wrasse would do just enough to irritate the gramma, but never take it too far. In terms of availability, like we said, this fish isn’t rare. We see them at the LFS all of the time. Despite being quite common, however, it’s hard to see one priced under $80-90.


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