Reef Octopus Auto Time Delay Keeps Skimmers Running Smoothly After Power Outages


Reef Octopus Protein Skimmer Auto Time Delay

We’ve all experienced power outages and blips in service, so we can all related to just how much of a problem they create for our aquariums. Lights power off, protein skimmers stop functioning, and water pumps go into a clicking frenzy once power has been restored. Protein skimmers can be particularly troublesome after a power outage, as they have a tendency to overflow and dump all of their contents back into the aquarium. Fortunately for these situations, Reef Octopus has a very helpful new product.

When the power goes out, return pumps obviously quit pushing water into the display tank, often flooding the sump with a significant amount of water. If the protein skimmer were to fire up right away, it would operate in a water depth that falls way outside the manufacturer’s suggested depth, which will likely cause the skimmer to behave erratically and overflow. The Reef Octopus Protein Skimmer Auto Time Delay helps prevent these situations by delaying the startup time of the skimmer pump after a power outage. Once power has been restore, the delay will prevent the skimmer from starting for an additional 5 minutes with the thought that this will be more than enough time for the return pump to bring the sump’s water levels back to normal.

Every protein skimmer on the market should be able to take advantage of this system, which is priced at $49.99 through the various Reef Octopus distributors. It has a maximum power capacity of 120 watts, which is more than enough for protein skimmers these days.


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