Tip of the Day – 10/30/2013


When life gets busy, it’s very easy for our aquariums to be ignored. Work, children, and the other issues from the daily grind keep us from performing regular maintenance or even turning on the lights at times. This is where good automation comes into play. With a good controller and a little forward thinking, you can automate virtually everything in your aquarium from turning on the lights to feeding the fish. This will obviously make things easier, as it takes some of the little distractions away from the aquarium keeping process. If a controller isn’t in the cards for your system, you can still automate certain process with inexpensive digital timers from your local hardware store. Either way, the more you are able to automate, the less you’ll have to manually take care of. Obviously, some processes can’t be automated, but it sure would be nice to just have to focus your time on those instead of all of the other stuff.


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