Tip of the Day – 10/4/2013


If you have a fish that refuses to eat frozen food items and will only eat live food, you have several option available. They will all require a little effort, but at the very least they should keep your fish fat and happy. If frozen silversides and krill fail to entice, you could always buy feeder shrimp for your local fish store. If the shrimp aren’t available, or you live hours from your nearest store, try ordering live foods online. Several online vendors have feeder shrimp, and you could even try ordering from lab supply places, as they usually have some form of live food for fish they are studying in captivity. Another option is to grow your own food. It may require an elaborate setup and plenty if elbow grease, but you will always have a steady supply of live foods available to you. If all else fails, you could always catch fresh food. If you don’t live near a body if water, find a friend near one of the coasts or bays and pay them to ship you some live goods. There are several options available, and while some might require a little outside the box thinking, they should get the job done.


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