Picture of the Week, Wrasse Photobomb


Fish Photobomb

Photobombing is a form of art that has been around for as long as cameras have existed. Bunny ears and goofy faces are standard tools of the trade, but others take it to another level in many instances. For those unfamiliar with the pasttime, it usually involves three parts, only one of which has any knowledge of what is actually taking place most of the time. The unknowing photographer points their camera at a subject, while another individual finds some way to completely ruin the shot. This is accomplished by simply getting in the way of the shot, or providing for some rather interesting background…think awkward faces. Well, our fish are experts at this as well, as they have a knack for being in the wrong place at the right time. In our example, an orange back fairy wrasse is jumping right out in front of our camera while taking pictures of an ORA Supernatural Montipora coral. Clearly, the out of focus fish has ruined the shot, completely blocking out the intended subject.


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