Tip of the Day – 11/14/2013


When purchasing fish from your local aquarium store, be sure to pay close attention to the prices and those of other stores and online vendors. We’ve heard tons of stories where someone, a new aquarist in most situations, would go to a store, find a fish they liked, and without question pay whatever price was listed on the tank. Later, through independent research, they would become dismayed at the fact that they way overpaid for their fish, often seeking refunds that would obviously not be granted. One could argue that the store was scamming the hobbyist, but in many situations, that high price may be the only way a store makes a profit from the sale and not some dastardly attempt to screw over as many folks as possible. Either way, do your homework. Even if you think a price is fair, double check it. You might just save you a few bucks.


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