Tip of the Day – 11/4/2013


It is often said that using a camera flash while taking pictures of your aquarium inhabitants is bad, and for more than one reason. The flsh frightens the fish and gives you an unsightly glare on all of your images. While these may be somewhat true, we’ve found that using a well placed flash can actually turn what would normally be a drab looking image into a much more crisp one, especially for fish photography. The flash illuminates all of the colors and features that make our livestock so unique, and it can override the normally blue hue seen with most aquarium photos. All that said, corals don’t always look their best under a flash, and inhabitants like clams will instantly close up as soon as that little light bulb illuminates your tank. So, a flash isn’t best in every situation, but it can certainly help turn bleak images into something a bit more spectacular.


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