Picture of the Week, Condy Anemone Closeup

Condylactis Anemone Closeup

Photo Credit: Daniel Leija

We don’t often focus our attention on the creatures such as the Condy anemone (Condylactis sp.), but in this case we’ll make an exception. Condy anemones have been in the trade forever. They are cheap, readily available, and not too difficult to care for. Unfortunately, they are also quite loathed by hobbyists. Being a Caribbean native, these anemones aren’t natural hosts to clownfish, so oftentimes clowns won’t go anywhere near them. However, because they are cheap, the Condy anemone is often an aquarists first stab at keeping anemones in their tanks. That aside, we can get to the real reason we are focusing on this anemone, and it actually has very little to do with the anemone itself. Instead, we share this picture because it was taken with an iPhone. That’s right, a mobile phone took this picture…and it’s a good one. Of course, being blown up on this screen does the image no justice.

When our pal and fellow AquaNerd writer, Daniel Leija, texted me this pic, I knew it had to be shared. Aquarium hobbyists are constantly taking out their phones to snap off pics of their livestock, and most of the time the pictures are downright pitiful. But, with today’s high powered cell phone cameras, those sucky pictures may be a thing of the past. I mean, there’s a 43-megapixel cell phone camera out there. How crazy is that? Anyways, we love taking pictures with our phones, especially when they’re this good. So, keep it up all you mobile photogs, and be sure to share those images (especially with us).


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