Picture of the Week, Fruit Loop Zoanthids


Fruit Loop Zoanthids

I finally had the weekend off from work, and with no holidays or family gatherings getting in the way, I decided to stop by my pal’s shop, FJW Aquarium. I was mostly there to look at a potential new setup, but ended up spending more time gawking at all gorgeous corals, including this lovely colony of Fruit Loops Zoanthids. In a tank full of corals glowing under the heavy blue actinic, the fruit loops stood out even among a group of flame tip clove polyps and neon green trumpet corals. The neon orange skirt was the real eye catcher, especially since it contrasted sharply with it’s alternating blue and green ringed oral disk.

While it is particularly difficult to get good photos of corals under blue lighting, especially LEDs, this cell phone picture didn’t turn out half bad. It captured the best features of the coral, mostly the glowing orange skirt, although the blue clove polyps basically vanish from sight.


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