Picture of the Week, Orange Spot Filefish Larvae

Orange Spot Filefish Larvae

Photo Credit: Chad Vosson, Vossen Aquatics LLC

Aquarium breeding has become such a focus for our hobby that people all across the country are taking groundbreaking strides toward breeding and raising countless ornamental species right in their own living rooms and basements. One such hobbyist that we’ve been following in particular (only in a semi-stalkerish sort of way) is Chad Vossen, of Vossen Aquatics. Based out of Minnesota, Chad has been breeding numerous species of marine fish and invertebrates, with one of his latest accomplishments coming in the form of the Orange Spot Filefish (Oxymonacanthus longirostris), which is pictured above in larval form.

These fish are particularly interesting because they are both colorful and have an unusual diet that most hobbyist would not care to indulge. They eat the polyps of various Acroporiids, though many have been successfully weaned onto both live and prepared foods. Despite their undesirable diet, they are still highly sought after in the trade for some reason. We chalk it up to their beautiful coloration and unique behavior, which is sort of the blanket reason that most fish are popular in the hobby. Because of their popularity, they are very worthy of the breeding efforts of our hobby’s finest. Matt Pedersen is the first person to have successfully reared the species, while Chad and Andrew Berry have both had success with the breeding them. We’re glad Chad is documenting it so thoroughly and allowing us to share the news, and we can’t wait to see what comes of the efforts.

Help support Chad’s efforts by hitting up the Facebook page for his business, Vossen Aquatics LLC. He’s got plenty more pictures and information there that could definitely help any aspiring hobbyist.


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