Red Sea Maxima Clams Enter the US for First Time in 15 Years


Red Sea Maxima Clams

If you’re as into Tridacnid clams as much as we are, then you might want to pay attention. For the first time in 15 long years, T. maxima clams originating out of the Red Sea are being imported into the US. That’s been far too long in our book. Thankfully, the crew at Golden Coast for Fishing Sea Products, a company associated with RVS Fishworld, obtained all of the CITES permitting required to legally access and export the beautiful clams. They have already shipped 36 boxes of fish and clams to ACI Aquaculture, a Florida-based wholesaler, which we are told landed yesterday.

The clams are downright beautiful, to say the least. Their unique patterns and colors remind us of the French Polynesian clams that dominated the scene for a brief time, and they will surely attract every clam nut out there, us included. We aren’t sure how long the clams will be available to the aquarium trade, but we recommend that you not pass up the opportunity to own one.

As more pictures get passed around the web, we will surely show off the best and brightest. Until then, feast your eyes on the gallery below.


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