Tip of the Day – 12/20/2013


Water testing…we, the experienced hobbyists who have put their time in a fish stores and have gone through aquarium disasters on more than one occasion, push and push and push new hobbyists to test their water. It’s not because we want to help sell test kits or make the hobby more difficult than it needs to be. We do it because water tests are the only way to get a true gauge on what your aquarium is going through. Test kits tell you if you’re corals are browning out due to excess nitrate, and they tell you why your fish are suffering if you have ammonia or nitrite present. They help pinpoint the reason you get undesirable algae growth, and they help you deliver the most optimum water quality to your fish and corals. Testing your water is essential to long term success, and you’d be throwing caution to the wind if you avoided the process altogether.


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