Tip of the Day – 12/23/2013


While the minimalist look is quite popular these days, there are certain things to consider before yanking out all of your rock to give your tank a more open feel. For one, the livestock in your tank should dictate the rock layout before your eye does. Certain fish and invertebrates require lots of live rock in order to thrive. The rock provides a more cryptic environment for them to hide when necessary, and there’s usually a lot more live food available in these setups. Another thing to consider, and this only applies to exising setups, is how much of a cycle your tank will go through if you pull out a majority of the rocks. Over time, the rocks accumulate detritus in their pores and crevices. Disturbing the rocks often leads to a cloud of all that uneaten fish food and fish waste, which will only foul up your water quality if you aren’t prepared. Not to mention, you are taking out years worth of biofiltration and relying on a much smaller amount to keep the ammonia, nitrite, and nitate balanced. If you do decide to go this route, just make sure that you monitor your aquarium’s overall health during the process. The fill will become stressed and the water quality will suffer, regardless of whatever preventative measures you take. Just prepare for the worst and hopefully your efforts will be worth it.


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