Tip of the Day – 12/5/2013


Flake and frozen style fish foods have dominated the aquarium market for a long time, flakes especially. But there are a couple of often overlooked foods that provide the same (or even better) nutritional value while offering a better method of delivery. The foods we are talking about are pellets and powder based items. The pellets are terrific for bottom dwelling fish and LPS corals, as the food sinks rapidly and can reach the bottom before other fish tear into it too much. And the good thing about the pellets is that you can make them larger or smaller depending on your need. Cut them into smaller pieces or mash them up into one big ball of foody goodness. The powder food, on the other hand, is better suited for filter feeding corals and planktivorous fish, such as anthias. This food stays suspended much longer and has a more natural size that makes it easier to eat for certain species.


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