Stunning Time Lapse Video Shows the new Coral Frenzy LPS Pellet Food in Action


Back in December, it was announced that the popular coral food, Coral Frenzy, was going to be offered in a pelletized form. Being fans of both the powdered version of Coral Frenzy and pellet foods in general, we knew this was going to be a great choice for many hobbyists. To show just how well the new Coral Frenzy was being received, Advanced Reefing put together an amazing time lapse video of various corals eating the pellets. While the food is targeted toward LPS, the pellets were tested on many different types of corals just to see their responses.

To no surprise, all of the LPS corals in the video gobbled down the food. Some responded more dramatically than others, but for the most part, all of them with the exception of the Euphyllids (frogspawn and hammer corals) actively ate the food. A few zoanthids and palythoas were also tested, but only the Palythoa grandis went nuts for the Coral Frenzy. Zoas and palys don’t normally consume large food particles, so that wasn’t really a surprise there.

Beyond the fact that the video was meant to highlight the new Coral Frenzy food, we couldn’t help but fall in love with the amazing HD quality time lapse footage. These are probably the best coral feeding videos on the net. We see extreme closeups all throughout the video, and the sped up footage really brings the coral’s feeding response to life. Instead of it appearing to be a somewhat passive process, some of the corals look extremely aggressive in their respective responses. A really great clip that we highly suggest you watch.


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