Coral Morphologic to Shut Down Aquascapers, Shifts Focus to Wholesale Operations


Coral Morphologic, the aquarium livestock company best known for blurring the lines between corals and art, has announced earlier today that they will be shutting down their retail site, Aquascapers. But this news isn’t necessarily being delivered with heavy hearts or sad emotions, as Coral Moprhologic is merely shifting gears toward the wholesale side of the hobby. Aquascapers, a popular source for gorgonians and cultured corals, will officially close it’s doors at the end of this month, allowing the Morphologic crew to focus all of the necessary attention on Vice Aquatics.

As for the popular Eco-Gorgs and Vice Zoas that made Aquascspers so popular, they will still be available to hobbyists, but on a larger scale. Vice Aquatics will sell to fish stores nationwide, so those cultures gorgonians and Zoas will be all over the place…hence the reason this announcement isn’t bad news.

To reiterate that point, Aquascapers also announced the availability of a brand new gorgonian, the Orange Spiny Eco-Gorg (Muricea elongata). If you would like to see more info on the Orange Spiny Eco-Gorg, be sure to hit up the Aquascapers website.


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