Amazing All Gold Clownfish Will Blow You Away


Clownfish come in a stupid number of different shapes and colors, with most of them being some slightly different variant of another already popular morph. But this one is truly one of a kind. The crew over at Coral Friend somehow got their hands on an all gold wild-caught clownfish, prompting them to share this video. The fish, presummably an Amphiprion ocellaris variant, is literally bright gold/yellow with no visible barring whatsoever. We have never seen another clownfish like it!

Clownfish can vary significantly from one individual to the next, even in wild-caught specimen. That said, most of them look pretty close to the same old clowns, orange with white stripes. It is unusual to catch a fish in the wild that deviates so greatly from the norm, and that’s the reason why this gold clown has us so excited.

I guess you could call this particular clown a xanthic ocellaris, as the color really isn’t a true gold at all, but more of a vibrant yellow. This could possible explain why we don’t see any white barring, though its really anybody’s best guess without some thorough genetic testing which will likely never occur. Regardless, it’s an amazing one-of-a-kind fish that certainly grabbed our attention.


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