The Montipora That Puts All Others to Shame


Jason Fox Beach Bum Montipora

Behold, the best looking Montipora you will ever find. Go ahead and take all of your pokerstar, sunset, superman, and undata montis to the back, because this amazing Jason Fox Beach Bum monti is quite possibly the most amazing one we’ve ever seen. Unlike the others mentioned above, the base of the coral is where the rainbow coloration comes into play, and not the polyps. Instead, the polyps are all blue with hints of neon green, while the base varies from red to green to purple and orange. It’s a unique coral, and it’s coming to the hobby by none other than Jason Fox, a known propagator of some of the best looking corals on the planet.

Rivaling the status of even Steve Tyree, Fox has been slowly releasing more and more amazing corals onto the market. As with any new release, his corals are immediately met with an unmatchable demand, though the hobby quickly becomes “flooded” with the pieces as more and more get into the hands of fellow fraggers. To date, only one frag of the Beach Bum monti has been released, and it was sold for about $125.

Images and details via Reef2Reef


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