Amazing Orange Hammer Coral at Pacific East Aquaculture is Truly Deserving of its Name


Orange Hammer Coral

We have seen plenty of orange and yellow Euphyllid corals in our time, whether it’s the gold torch corals or the yellow hammers, but more often than not, those that are being labeled as with these colors are really nothing more than an unimpressive, brown looking corals. Thankfully, a coral like this one comes along every once in a while a restores our faith in the coral labeling process.

Pacific East Aquaculture posted several images of their newest imports on Reef2Reef, and among them was this deep orange hammer. Truly a unique coral, this hammer doesn’t just have highlights of orange or yellow on the tips of its tentacles, which is usually the case. Instead, this orange beauty has a deep, rich, and complete color that starts in the deepest part of the coral head and permeates every square inch of tissue. It is one of the few corals that truly earns its name.


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