Tip of the Day – 1/17/2014


If your tank is overrun with bristleworms, a common problem in a lot of aquariums, there are lost of different methods you could use to resolve the situation. Unfortunately, a lot of those solutions require a lot of work and effort…something a busy hobbyist doesn’t have a whole lot of. Thankfully, there are many natural solutions that require little extra effort on behalf of the hobbyist. Of course, we’re talking about bristleworm predators. They aren’t fabled, they do exist. We’ve heard rumors of gobies (specifically the yellow watchman) chowing down on the prickly worms, as well as various wrasses. But there is a more surefire answer, and that’s the arrow crab. These crabs devour bristleworms regularly, and seemingly with a complete disregard to getting any of those painful spines stuck in their teeth. All kidding aside, the crabs do the trick, and we’ve got video proof, which we’re finalizing and getting ready to post.


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